❤️Ops sometimes life works in mysterious ways ❤️ on Monday the 29/3 we had a beautiful litter of puppies. 💙
Between SE UCH Skvå Less Is More ”Lillebror” and SE UCH NORD V-15 Falabellas Orthilia ” Elli” 💗In 4 hours Elli gave birth to 3 males and 5 bitches, sadly 1 male was stillborn 🥺 so happy to have 2+5 beautiful puppies ❤️ No patches, there markings are my markings so we know who is who 😉🙈❤️ 💗 Elli is a perfect mother and takes very good care of her puppies 💗 Yes of course Elli has all her paperwork in order for SKK before any speculations start! This was not maybe what we planned for, but sometimes wonderful things happen anyway 🤗😍❤️